Downs in snow (copyright Jill Parsons)

Family Activity

Welcome to the Beech Tree

Have a look down the promenade of beech trees. Can you count or guess how many beech trees there are all the way down the avenue?

How tall do you think the beech trees might be? Let’s find out! Do this on the side of the tree away from the road!

Find a stick the length of your arm. Hold the stick from one end of your arm and extend it upright from your arm. Line up the stick with the base of the tree while the top of the stick lines up with the crown of the tree. Do this by moving closer or further away.

When it’s lined up take big metre long steps until you reach the base of the tree. Don’t forget to count them as you do it! The beech tree’s height is the number of steps you’ve counted.

As you walk down the Promenade you can play ‘eye in the sky’. Make sure someone is guiding you as you do this activity so that you don’t trip or bump into something. Make sure that the sun won’t shine directly in your eyes either so choose a cloudy day or make sure there is plenty of leaf cover.

With a mobile phone, turn on the video setting and flip the camera around so that it is on ‘selfie’ setting.

Hold it out flat in front of you so that as you walk along the image of the leaf / branch canopy above you plays on the video. Keep your eyes on this as you walk and you will feel as though you are walking in the air!

When you get near the end of the beech trees stop and think about how it has made you feel?

Photographs © Avon Gorge & Downs Wildlife Project.